Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent



I am very grateful to the many organisations, magazines, radio stations and dance groups who have honoured Bobby in the last few months. I plan to post links to their tributes. If you know of any, please do not hesitate to send them to me.


Click to hear Bobby narrating a very short history of the band taken from the Foreward to his CD "Listening Through The Years".


There have been many radio tributes to Bobby and his career, please listen and remember:


A Little Breath of Scotland with Denis Snowden - May 8 2011 show


Andy Ross' Ceilidh - short tribute on May 9th show and a full tribute on May 23 show


BBC Take the Floor  with Robbie Shepherd - short tribute on May 14th show and a full tribute June 11, 2011. The 1999 Take The Floor from Toronto was re-broadcast on July 16 2011. This is the only Take the Floor programme recorded outside the UK and it was an honour for Bobby and the band.




There have been numerous articles as well, including in the Box & Fiddle magazine, TACTalk, Dance On magazine (issue 50), RSCDS Toronto Set & Link,  and other local RSCDS branch newsletters.  I will begin to post links to these.


My thanks for the wonderful tributes to a great man and a great musician.





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