Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent



Bobby Brown is the genial leader of the Band. Bobby’s formative years were steeped in Celtic music in his hometown of Dennyloanhead, Scotland; his mother was a well-known soprano, his father played the fiddle, and other family members played the  pipes and drums.  Bobby started piano lessons at age 6 and continued  his study until emigrating to Winnipeg, Canada, at 16.

Starved for his native music, Bobby befriended pipers and drummers in the local pipe band and shortly after,  began taking accordion lessons. Before long, Bobby made his way down to Toronto and was introduced to Stan Hamilton and Bobby Frew and from there joined  "The Flying Scotsmen" band as second accordionist in 1961. 

 In 1974 he formed his own band, The Scottish Accent, and soon after formed a second group, The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers (now retired), for a television series on folk music.  Bobby and his two groups have performed at concerts and dances throughout the Celtic world, and have toured Europe and Canada several times . With many recordings to their credit, the band celebrated their 30th anniversary with a double CD collection, Celtic Fire in the Music. The most recent CD for Scottish Country Dancing was  T.A.C. 50th Anniversary Collection released in 2008. 


Click to hear Bobby narrating a very short history of the band taken from the Foreward on his CD "Listening Through The Years".


Besides Bobby Brown, the other musicans playing with The Scottish Accent are:

Laird Brown, second accordion

Kathleen Fraser-Collins, keyboard

Fred Collins, drums

Don Wood, keyboard and electric bass

Rob Wolanski, electric bass, double bass and guitar

Warren Beesley, drums, guitar and vocals

Chris Reesor, drums

Roger Moniz, double bass


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